What are The Most Common Types of Flooring to Install for Corporate?

In this article, we are going to learn various options you have when it comes to buying a new floor product. In addition, we shall also be discussing some of the benefits of each of these types of flooring products.

As aforementioned, there are different types of flooring on the market today, including solid hardwood, tile, vinyl and so much more.

So let us start with solid hardwood:

Solid hardwood is also famously referred to as real hardwood. Just as the name suggests, the real hardwood is made of real wood timber product. The composition of the wood looks the same on the entire board. In addition, there are hundreds of benefits of solid hardwood, from the prestige and the beauty, to the value added to your beautiful house.

The solid hardwood can be either unfinished or pre-finished. For the latter, once you are done with the installation process, the floor is ready for use. With unfinished hardwood, the process is a bit complicated, because you need to embark on the refinishing process once you are done with the installation process.

Bamboo flooring

This is yet another type of flooring product. It is also a type of solid hardwood. Even though the hardwood is made from bamboo and not timber, there are certain people who consider it a real hardwood because of the same installation procedure. If you want your floor to look green, then you should opt for bamboo floor. Other advantages of bamboo flooring is durability and beauty.

Engineered hardwood

Another great wood product is engineered hardwood. Many customers don’t perceive it as a solid hardwood product. However, engineered wood is extracted from wood. The main difference between engineered wood and solid wood is in the thickness, purpose, composition and price. Engineered wood comprises of several layers of wood product. The high quality layer is found on the surface while the low quality is found at the bottom.

Engineered hardwood boasts of several advantages especially when compared to solid wood. First and for most, it is very easy to install compared to solid hardwood. Another advantage is that it is versatile. Unlike solid wood which cannot be installed in a basement, this one can be installed perfectly, hence making it a better option. Lastly, you can refinish and sand it several times, if needed.

Laminating floor

In the last few years, laminate flooring rose to become one of the best alternative for solid hardwood. Its quality has also improved significantly, and apparently looks way better than before. In addition, its price is also a selling point, especially when you compare it to hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is a great option and highly preferable to solid hardwood, it is gentle to pets and kids, and doesn’t scratch easily like solid hardwood. On the same note, laminate flooring is not solid wood and it is not easy to replace and you cannot refinish it.


This is another great floor product. It is actually the most popular flooring product. The best thing about tile floors is that they are long lasting and are also water proof. Additionally, tile is ideal for areas such as bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms and kitchens. You can use tiles on the floors, fireplaces, walls, back splashes, kitchen stairs and even counter tops. They are also ideal for exterior settings because they are resistant to water.

Tiles come in a variety of styles including porcelain, ceramic as well as granite tile, marble and natural stone.


This is among the cheapest substitute for tile flooring, however, linoleum shares the same characteristics as tile, like for instance, they are water resistant and you can easily install it in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and so much more. When it comes to quality, it has greatly improved, almost similar to hardwood and tile products.

Carpet flooring

This is another great product. Carpet flooring is ideal for hard surface products because it is softness under the feet. A few years ago carpet floors used to be installed in the entire house. Today, most customers use install in their bedrooms, hallways or stairs.

There are many other types of floor products on the market which are becoming more popular, including rubber flooring, Daebak floors and cork flooring.

Drawstring Bag

How to add more value to your corporate drawstring bag giveaways

If you’ve ever gone to any type of industry convention, you probably noticed that more than a few of your competitors have their logos or brands put on drawstring bags. Drawstring bags are one of the fastest rising giveaway categories in the corporate gift landscape. It’s easy to see why. Drawstring bags are fairly inexpensive yet they are very useful. This means, with everything else equal, the recipients of this type of corporate gift are more likely to use them on a daily basis.

Why is this a big deal? If they are going to use your corporate gift almost every day, they can become your moving billboards. Drawstring bags are big enough to accommodate fairly large brand messages. I’m not just talking about your logo, corporate colors, and slogan. You can get away with specialized messages that put your brand in front and center with a typical drawstring bag. That’s how much space these items have. There are a right and wrong way of using drawstring bags as corporate giveaways. Keep in mind the following tips.

Plain drawstring bags are boring and ineffective

Photo Credits: https://www.giftcity.sg/gift/36/drawstring-bag

If you are just going to get a drawstring bag from China, get it shipped to where you are and stamp your logo on it, this might not be enough for your brand to make an impact. Your brand wouldn’t make much of an impact at all. Why? Everybody is doing things this way. It’s very hard to be noticed when your brand is behaving and looking like everybody else as far as your corporate gifts go. You need to do something different.

Put your logo in front and center


As mentioned above, a drawstring bag has enough flat space for you to play with. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Make sure your logo is in the front and center. When people look at the bag, the logo should jump out at them and grab their eyeballs. That’s how prominent the logo should be.

Pick a high-quality bag for multiple use

The main reason why a lot of corporate branding specialist are excited about the drawstring bag is the fact that people use them quite a bit. They are very practical giveaway items. However, they’re not created equal. Some drawstring bags are so flimsy that they fall apart after a few months. If you want to maximize the branding potential of the drawstring containers and bags your company gives away, select a high-quality bag. This ensures that your target recipients would continue to use the bag over an extended period of time. The longer they use it, the more people you can brand with that particular bag.

Focus on branding through constant use

Keep in mind that the bags you’re giving away will be used constantly. Being aware of this, you should come out with a strategy that would maximize this constant use. This means you should stay away from just putting your logo there. Maybe there should be some sort of call to action. Maybe you should even let people know that you have a promotion that you’re running which they can take advantage of. Whatever the case may be, maximize the opportunity you get from the fact that the recipients of the bag would continue to use it for a long period of time.

One good idea is to put your website domain name in a prominent place on the bag. Pair it with a call to action. When people look at the bag, they can get some free information or even a freebie by just going to a website. This maximizes the chances your target audience members would reach out to you. Thanks for your giveaway.

Make sure you offer a bag big enough so it gives you a lot

When it comes to this type of corporate gift, size does matter. The whole point is to maximize the chance the recipient would use your bag. We’re not just talking about using your bag every once in a while. We’re talking about using your bag consistently and continuously. Make it easy on your recipients to make this decision by ensuring that your bag is big enough. People like free stuff. If they see they have this free container which is very practical and can be used in a wide range of situations, they will definitely take you up on your offer. They will use your bag consistently. Let your brand shine prominently. Thanks to this consistent use. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Pay extra to ensure your logo doesn’t rub off the bag too quickly

One common mistake many corporate branding experts make is to use cheap ink or material for the logo on their corporate give away. You might have given an item that has a long productive life but the problem is your logo rubs off after some time. Ultimately, the branding campaign is not as valuable as it could otherwise be because the “[indiscernible]” of the branding campaign is gone.

The whole point behind the giveaway is to get people to look at the logo. It’s all about getting the brand out there. Unfortunately, there’s no way for people to interact with your brand because it’s physically gone. Invest a few extra dollars ensuring that the logo will not only stay on the drawstring bag but will stay on for the life of that particular item.

Give away a drawstring bag only if its usage or theme matches your niche market

There are many corporate marketers who just love to jump on the bandwagon. Once they see that there’s a certain trend in the market, they just can’t wait to give away the same type of corporate gift. Not surprisingly, most of these branding consultants fail to get the results that they’re looking for. Just because a gift is popular does not necessarily mean that you have to give away that gift. The point of distinction you should focus on is whether the giving away of drawstring bag fits the lifestyle or expectations of your target market.

The drawstring bag is just a vehicle for your brand. Always remember this. Your objective is not to give away stuff just to give away stuff. Your objective is to get eyeballs to your brand. If there’s a tight fit between the interests and needs of your target audience members and the value provided by the drawstring bag, then giving away this type of item is a good idea. However, if you’re just riding a trend and getting on the bandwagon then you might be better off spending your money on another type of campaign.

Stress Ball

Stress is a mental state of the body that degrades health condition of an individual. Stress is also one of the major reasons of serious illness in the body. Leading Corporate houses are becoming more aware and proactive about ensuring that their employees should be able to deal well with the daily work stress. This is where the role of promotional stress balls comes in. Stress balls can be utilised by companies to reduce their stress. Whenever employees feel stressed and they want to relieve the excessive stress then they can start using the stress balls and at the same time be inspired by the company brand. Stress balls can also be imprinted with the information related to company name and logo. It can be considered as an ideal way to endorse your brand and relieve stress at the same time.

Type of Stress balls available

Stress balls come in various types of sizes and shapes according to the requirement. Below are some of the most commonly used type of stress balls and can be used for promotional purposes by customizing them and mentioning company logo and information.

  • Chinese Stress balls- these are one of the most commonly used stress balls. The balls can be decorated with amazing new Chinese symbols and have a chime in them. Whenever the balls roll around the hand, it provides more rhythmic motions and diverts the mind from any kind of stress. It gives an amazing feeling and can be used to remove stress.
  • Rubber balls- These are the types of balls that have rubber inside and consists of solid and hard consistency which reduces tension and provides more relief to an individual in arm and muscle area.
  • Foam balls- Promotional stress balls are most commonly used in business events, trade fairs and commonly used in conventions and business events.
  • Beanbag balls- these types of balls are made from hard leather and more harder compared to rubber balls. It is especially quite effective for those people who like to squeeze and relieve stress. Women commonly use this type of stress balls to give them more relief. 
  • Liquid filled balls- One of the most fascinating type of stress balls are liquid filled balls. These balls contain transparent form of water or gel. Apart from that, one can also fill the required glitter along with confetti to make it lot more entertaining. One should be cautioned about not being too hard with the ball as it may get easily burst. So one should be careful while using these balls.

How Stress Balls Help Us?

Stress balls are most commonly used objects for removing stress. As mentioned above, there is various types of stress balls and one should be careful while using them. Below are some of the reasons for using stress balls.

  1. The force applied on the stress balls helps in keeping the tension and negative things away. Squeezing action applied on the balls also helps in relaxing mind and stabilizes your thoughts.
  2. The key reason behind use of stress balls is that it helps in improving blood circulation inside your body. Regular contraction of your muscles also helps in increase of blood flow inside your hands and brain that helps in re-energizing your body.
  3. Stress balls helps in reducing overall stress by calming down your thoughts and improving thinking process. 
  4. It also helps in improving your nervous system by stimulating the nerves and hand combination. It also helps in stimulating release of good hormones inside your body and helps in giving more positive energy inside your body.
  5. It also helps keep your mind diverted slightly. The stress gets released through the stress balls just like the way it does by shouting, punching or throwing things around helps people with disturbed thought process.

Promotional products are a way to get your company name and logo as it helps in building your company as a brand. At the same time providing more valuable and useful items is extremely important for companies since employees are becoming quite aware about ways to promote products and what all things could be required for getting the business exposure. Choose the best type of stress balls and promote your company with them.

Corporate gift on Mugs

Elegant Classy and Personalise Mugs are an apt gift for your friends at the work place and also for your family members. Printed Mugs are a very cost friendly gift for family and also for colleagues. There are ample of occasions when mugs come as effective and delighting gifts. From Farewell parties to corporate send offs, Mugs can carry messages, well wishes, logos for brand promotion and your heart felt feelings too. Mugs are often chosen as corporate gifts because of various reasons as stated below.

Sophisticated and economical option

Corporate Gift Mugs are cool, sophisticated and elegant. Instead of pictures, logos make it even more official in style. For the birthday of an employee, you can get a mug printed with a well wishing quote and the logo of your company. Be it the send off of your employees, personalized printed mugs will convey the memories of time. This will be a token of good will from your side.

Corporate Mug as a Tool for Brand Promotion

mug_light_green  mug_skyblue

Photo credits: https://www.giftcity.sg/gift/20/ceramic-white-mug-with-handle

When you consider a corporate gift, keeping your brand promotion in mind will be beneficial. Mugs serve this purpose effectively. In corporate gifting, it is important you give your employees or clients and articles that will be of daily use. This need can be met with Mugs. At the same time, this can serve as an elegant show case piece with the logo of your company.

Occasions Suitable for Gifts

Annual day of your company is the best occasion to appreciate the contribution of your employee and clients in the organization’s growth. Completion of many years of working in your company should also not go unacknowledged by the company. On such occasions, mugs with an appreciating quote will be very encouraging. There are companies that give gifts on employees’ birthday too. Mugs are ideal even on occasions where you have to present them in large numbers. Training programs, dealers meet, rewards and recognition, conferences etc. are occasions where corporate gifts will be useful.  Client meetings and conferences all are important occasions for such exchange of gifts.

Deciding on Designs

Logos will be the best keeping in mind brand promotion. Your company logo will be the perfect to strengthen your relations with your clients and employees. Your tag lines and motto can also be conveyed in print on the article. Apart from this, corporate mugs can also be personalized. Mugs can be printed with the pictures of the employees’ best moments in company parties and informal gatherings. Motivational or thanking quotes serve as great boost for employees. Also, it is desired to be quirky and fun with gifting ideas.

Experimenting with Designs

Where folk is inspiring all art forms, mugs are now customized with Indian designs. Now there are mugs with innovative printing ideas. Folk art and painting like Warli, Madhubani and Gond are also being depicted on the mugs. Such mugs are exquisite show pieces. In fact there are corporate mugs with pictures of Buddha too. Alluring and attractive! Both ceramic mugs or clay mugs are equally beautiful. Tea mugs and coffee mugs will be distinct in terms of designs and sizes. Cartoons and caricatures are in trend these days. Giving characters to your mugs work wonderfully. There are plenty of online brands selling mugs of all make.

Depicting your Values

While presenting gifts to your clients, your brand values and corporate ethos should be considered. The mugs as a gift should reflect the ideals for which you stand out among your competitors.

Mugs to Promote Team Work among Employees

Mugs are best return gifts in official relations. This can be given to reinforce team spirit among employees. As a token of appreciation and to strengthen good will, mug can be presented as a reward for team work. Pictures of teams’ good moments can be printed on the mugs to convey the values.

To In-still Qualities and Convey Messages

Messages for stress management and motivation are equally important as productivity. Mugs can carry such good thoughts which are not possible while choosing other options as gifts. However, while choosing mugs it is important to give due consideration to quality as this is something which is going to represent your brand and quality.