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How to add more value to your corporate drawstring bag giveaways

If you’ve ever gone to any type of industry convention, you probably noticed that more than a few of your competitors have their logos or brands put on drawstring bags. Drawstring bags are one of the fastest rising giveaway categories in the corporate gift landscape. It’s easy to see why. Drawstring bags are fairly inexpensive yet they are very useful. This means, with everything else equal, the recipients of this type of corporate gift are more likely to use them on a daily basis.

Why is this a big deal? If they are going to use your corporate gift almost every day, they can become your moving billboards. Drawstring bags are big enough to accommodate fairly large brand messages. I’m not just talking about your logo, corporate colors, and slogan. You can get away with specialized messages that put your brand in front and center with a typical drawstring bag. That’s how much space these items have. There are a right and wrong way of using drawstring bags as corporate giveaways. Keep in mind the following tips.

Plain drawstring bags are boring and ineffective

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If you are just going to get a drawstring bag from China, get it shipped to where you are and stamp your logo on it, this might not be enough for your brand to make an impact. Your brand wouldn’t make much of an impact at all. Why? Everybody is doing things this way. It’s very hard to be noticed when your brand is behaving and looking like everybody else as far as your corporate gifts go. You need to do something different.

Put your logo in front and center


As mentioned above, a drawstring bag has enough flat space for you to play with. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Make sure your logo is in the front and center. When people look at the bag, the logo should jump out at them and grab their eyeballs. That’s how prominent the logo should be.

Pick a high-quality bag for multiple use

The main reason why a lot of corporate branding specialist are excited about the drawstring bag is the fact that people use them quite a bit. They are very practical giveaway items. However, they’re not created equal. Some drawstring bags are so flimsy that they fall apart after a few months. If you want to maximize the branding potential of the drawstring containers and bags your company gives away, select a high-quality bag. This ensures that your target recipients would continue to use the bag over an extended period of time. The longer they use it, the more people you can brand with that particular bag.

Focus on branding through constant use

Keep in mind that the bags you’re giving away will be used constantly. Being aware of this, you should come out with a strategy that would maximize this constant use. This means you should stay away from just putting your logo there. Maybe there should be some sort of call to action. Maybe you should even let people know that you have a promotion that you’re running which they can take advantage of. Whatever the case may be, maximize the opportunity you get from the fact that the recipients of the bag would continue to use it for a long period of time.

One good idea is to put your website domain name in a prominent place on the bag. Pair it with a call to action. When people look at the bag, they can get some free information or even a freebie by just going to a website. This maximizes the chances your target audience members would reach out to you. Thanks for your giveaway.

Make sure you offer a bag big enough so it gives you a lot

When it comes to this type of corporate gift, size does matter. The whole point is to maximize the chance the recipient would use your bag. We’re not just talking about using your bag every once in a while. We’re talking about using your bag consistently and continuously. Make it easy on your recipients to make this decision by ensuring that your bag is big enough. People like free stuff. If they see they have this free container which is very practical and can be used in a wide range of situations, they will definitely take you up on your offer. They will use your bag consistently. Let your brand shine prominently. Thanks to this consistent use. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Pay extra to ensure your logo doesn’t rub off the bag too quickly

One common mistake many corporate branding experts make is to use cheap ink or material for the logo on their corporate give away. You might have given an item that has a long productive life but the problem is your logo rubs off after some time. Ultimately, the branding campaign is not as valuable as it could otherwise be because the “[indiscernible]” of the branding campaign is gone.

The whole point behind the giveaway is to get people to look at the logo. It’s all about getting the brand out there. Unfortunately, there’s no way for people to interact with your brand because it’s physically gone. Invest a few extra dollars ensuring that the logo will not only stay on the drawstring bag but will stay on for the life of that particular item.

Give away a drawstring bag only if its usage or theme matches your niche market

There are many corporate marketers who just love to jump on the bandwagon. Once they see that there’s a certain trend in the market, they just can’t wait to give away the same type of corporate gift. Not surprisingly, most of these branding consultants fail to get the results that they’re looking for. Just because a gift is popular does not necessarily mean that you have to give away that gift. The point of distinction you should focus on is whether the giving away of drawstring bag fits the lifestyle or expectations of your target market.

The drawstring bag is just a vehicle for your brand. Always remember this. Your objective is not to give away stuff just to give away stuff. Your objective is to get eyeballs to your brand. If there’s a tight fit between the interests and needs of your target audience members and the value provided by the drawstring bag, then giving away this type of item is a good idea. However, if you’re just riding a trend and getting on the bandwagon then you might be better off spending your money on another type of campaign.