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Corporate gift on Mugs

Elegant Classy and Personalise Mugs are an apt gift for your friends at the work place and also for your family members. Printed Mugs are a very cost friendly gift for family and also for colleagues. There are ample of occasions when mugs come as effective and delighting gifts. From Farewell parties to corporate send offs, Mugs can carry messages, well wishes, logos for brand promotion and your heart felt feelings too. Mugs are often chosen as corporate gifts because of various reasons as stated below.

Sophisticated and economical option

Corporate Gift Mugs are cool, sophisticated and elegant. Instead of pictures, logos make it even more official in style. For the birthday of an employee, you can get a mug printed with a well wishing quote and the logo of your company. Be it the send off of your employees, personalized printed mugs will convey the memories of time. This will be a token of good will from your side.

Corporate Mug as a Tool for Brand Promotion

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When you consider a corporate gift, keeping your brand promotion in mind will be beneficial. Mugs serve this purpose effectively. In corporate gifting, it is important you give your employees or clients and articles that will be of daily use. This need can be met with Mugs. At the same time, this can serve as an elegant show case piece with the logo of your company.

Occasions Suitable for Gifts

Annual day of your company is the best occasion to appreciate the contribution of your employee and clients in the organization’s growth. Completion of many years of working in your company should also not go unacknowledged by the company. On such occasions, mugs with an appreciating quote will be very encouraging. There are companies that give gifts on employees’ birthday too. Mugs are ideal even on occasions where you have to present them in large numbers. Training programs, dealers meet, rewards and recognition, conferences etc. are occasions where corporate gifts will be useful.  Client meetings and conferences all are important occasions for such exchange of gifts.

Deciding on Designs

Logos will be the best keeping in mind brand promotion. Your company logo will be the perfect to strengthen your relations with your clients and employees. Your tag lines and motto can also be conveyed in print on the article. Apart from this, corporate mugs can also be personalized. Mugs can be printed with the pictures of the employees’ best moments in company parties and informal gatherings. Motivational or thanking quotes serve as great boost for employees. Also, it is desired to be quirky and fun with gifting ideas.

Experimenting with Designs

Where folk is inspiring all art forms, mugs are now customized with Indian designs. Now there are mugs with innovative printing ideas. Folk art and painting like Warli, Madhubani and Gond are also being depicted on the mugs. Such mugs are exquisite show pieces. In fact there are corporate mugs with pictures of Buddha too. Alluring and attractive! Both ceramic mugs or clay mugs are equally beautiful. Tea mugs and coffee mugs will be distinct in terms of designs and sizes. Cartoons and caricatures are in trend these days. Giving characters to your mugs work wonderfully. There are plenty of online brands selling mugs of all make.

Depicting your Values

While presenting gifts to your clients, your brand values and corporate ethos should be considered. The mugs as a gift should reflect the ideals for which you stand out among your competitors.

Mugs to Promote Team Work among Employees

Mugs are best return gifts in official relations. This can be given to reinforce team spirit among employees. As a token of appreciation and to strengthen good will, mug can be presented as a reward for team work. Pictures of teams’ good moments can be printed on the mugs to convey the values.

To In-still Qualities and Convey Messages

Messages for stress management and motivation are equally important as productivity. Mugs can carry such good thoughts which are not possible while choosing other options as gifts. However, while choosing mugs it is important to give due consideration to quality as this is something which is going to represent your brand and quality.