Stress Ball

Stress is a mental state of the body that degrades health condition of an individual. Stress is also one of the major reasons of serious illness in the body. Leading Corporate houses are becoming more aware and proactive about ensuring that their employees should be able to deal well with the daily work stress. This is where the role of promotional stress balls comes in. Stress balls can be utilised by companies to reduce their stress. Whenever employees feel stressed and they want to relieve the excessive stress then they can start using the stress balls and at the same time be inspired by the company brand. Stress balls can also be imprinted with the information related to company name and logo. It can be considered as an ideal way to endorse your brand and relieve stress at the same time.

Type of Stress balls available

Stress balls come in various types of sizes and shapes according to the requirement. Below are some of the most commonly used type of stress balls and can be used for promotional purposes by customizing them and mentioning company logo and information.

  • Chinese Stress balls- these are one of the most commonly used stress balls. The balls can be decorated with amazing new Chinese symbols and have a chime in them. Whenever the balls roll around the hand, it provides more rhythmic motions and diverts the mind from any kind of stress. It gives an amazing feeling and can be used to remove stress.
  • Rubber balls- These are the types of balls that have rubber inside and consists of solid and hard consistency which reduces tension and provides more relief to an individual in arm and muscle area.
  • Foam balls- Promotional stress balls are most commonly used in business events, trade fairs and commonly used in conventions and business events.
  • Beanbag balls- these types of balls are made from hard leather and more harder compared to rubber balls. It is especially quite effective for those people who like to squeeze and relieve stress. Women commonly use this type of stress balls to give them more relief. 
  • Liquid filled balls- One of the most fascinating type of stress balls are liquid filled balls. These balls contain transparent form of water or gel. Apart from that, one can also fill the required glitter along with confetti to make it lot more entertaining. One should be cautioned about not being too hard with the ball as it may get easily burst. So one should be careful while using these balls.

How Stress Balls Help Us?

Stress balls are most commonly used objects for removing stress. As mentioned above, there is various types of stress balls and one should be careful while using them. Below are some of the reasons for using stress balls.

  1. The force applied on the stress balls helps in keeping the tension and negative things away. Squeezing action applied on the balls also helps in relaxing mind and stabilizes your thoughts.
  2. The key reason behind use of stress balls is that it helps in improving blood circulation inside your body. Regular contraction of your muscles also helps in increase of blood flow inside your hands and brain that helps in re-energizing your body.
  3. Stress balls helps in reducing overall stress by calming down your thoughts and improving thinking process. 
  4. It also helps in improving your nervous system by stimulating the nerves and hand combination. It also helps in stimulating release of good hormones inside your body and helps in giving more positive energy inside your body.
  5. It also helps keep your mind diverted slightly. The stress gets released through the stress balls just like the way it does by shouting, punching or throwing things around helps people with disturbed thought process.

Promotional products are a way to get your company name and logo as it helps in building your company as a brand. At the same time providing more valuable and useful items is extremely important for companies since employees are becoming quite aware about ways to promote products and what all things could be required for getting the business exposure. Choose the best type of stress balls and promote your company with them.

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