What are The Most Common Types of Flooring to Install for Corporate?

In this article, we are going to learn various options you have when it comes to buying a new floor product. In addition, we shall also be discussing some of the benefits of each of these types of flooring products.

As aforementioned, there are different types of flooring on the market today, including solid hardwood, tile, vinyl and so much more.

So let us start with solid hardwood:

Solid hardwood is also famously referred to as real hardwood. Just as the name suggests, the real hardwood is made of real wood timber product. The composition of the wood looks the same on the entire board. In addition, there are hundreds of benefits of solid hardwood, from the prestige and the beauty, to the value added to your beautiful house.

The solid hardwood can be either unfinished or pre-finished. For the latter, once you are done with the installation process, the floor is ready for use. With unfinished hardwood, the process is a bit complicated, because you need to embark on the refinishing process once you are done with the installation process.

Bamboo flooring

This is yet another type of flooring product. It is also a type of solid hardwood. Even though the hardwood is made from bamboo and not timber, there are certain people who consider it a real hardwood because of the same installation procedure. If you want your floor to look green, then you should opt for bamboo floor. Other advantages of bamboo flooring is durability and beauty.

Engineered hardwood

Another great wood product is engineered hardwood. Many customers don’t perceive it as a solid hardwood product. However, engineered wood is extracted from wood. The main difference between engineered wood and solid wood is in the thickness, purpose, composition and price. Engineered wood comprises of several layers of wood product. The high quality layer is found on the surface while the low quality is found at the bottom.

Engineered hardwood boasts of several advantages especially when compared to solid wood. First and for most, it is very easy to install compared to solid hardwood. Another advantage is that it is versatile. Unlike solid wood which cannot be installed in a basement, this one can be installed perfectly, hence making it a better option. Lastly, you can refinish and sand it several times, if needed.

Laminating floor

In the last few years, laminate flooring rose to become one of the best alternative for solid hardwood. Its quality has also improved significantly, and apparently looks way better than before. In addition, its price is also a selling point, especially when you compare it to hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is a great option and highly preferable to solid hardwood, it is gentle to pets and kids, and doesn’t scratch easily like solid hardwood. On the same note, laminate flooring is not solid wood and it is not easy to replace and you cannot refinish it.


This is another great floor product. It is actually the most popular flooring product. The best thing about tile floors is that they are long lasting and are also water proof. Additionally, tile is ideal for areas such as bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms and kitchens. You can use tiles on the floors, fireplaces, walls, back splashes, kitchen stairs and even counter tops. They are also ideal for exterior settings because they are resistant to water.

Tiles come in a variety of styles including porcelain, ceramic as well as granite tile, marble and natural stone.


This is among the cheapest substitute for tile flooring, however, linoleum shares the same characteristics as tile, like for instance, they are water resistant and you can easily install it in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and so much more. When it comes to quality, it has greatly improved, almost similar to hardwood and tile products.

Carpet flooring

This is another great product. Carpet flooring is ideal for hard surface products because it is softness under the feet. A few years ago carpet floors used to be installed in the entire house. Today, most customers use install in their bedrooms, hallways or stairs.

There are many other types of floor products on the market which are becoming more popular, including rubber flooring, Daebak floors and cork flooring.

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